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Let me tell you how dumb I really am. I had no idea there was an on/off switch on my headset microphone until now……

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Something Worse Than Sopa Is Coming Help!!


Everything from fanart to fanfiction, to everything else is going to be stopped and we’ll all be in BIG trouble! Sign this petition to stop this!!!

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Don’t worry, you’ll get your Umineko soon. It’s just taking forever to encode.

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Yay, I don’t suck as much as before now that I can actually level grind and have decent moves.

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It’s still processing, but when it’s done, you’ll have part 07 of Pokemon Colosseum.

In this episode, Wes defeats the female dou of Miror B. Peons.Katidid shows off her skills as a brilliant strategist.

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Part 02 of my Pokemon Colosseum playthrough.

In this episode, Rui learns of Wes’s dark past and accepts it a little too easily.

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The stellar visuals were just one reason to watch Sunday Without God, but the world setting was one of the most intriguing aspects of the series as a whole. Plus, Ai Aston is pretty much the cutest thing ever. ;)

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